A Few Ways to Train your Dog

Dogs are one of the ways you can bring joy into your life, and there is nothing quite like having a beautiful four legged companion. They can be one of the most loyal creatures that you ever encounter but unless you train them properly, they will never know what it is you want, and you will find yourself growing increasingly frustrated. That being said, let’s talk about a few training methods you might want to use.


Commands for your Dog

There are a number of commands you will need to teach your dog, mostly in the name of obedience. The most common commands are ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘lay down’, etc. At some point you may wish to teach your dog to do tricks, but the most basic commands can be achieved through the use of treats.

The most common way for you to train your dog is through treats, meaning you will wish to provide them with a treat each time they do something that you would consider positive. For example, if you wish for your dog to urinate outdoors, you would keep a close eye on him or her, perhaps taking them for a walk every thirty to sixty minutes. When they urinate outside, praise them, and give them a treat.
In the end, it is all about praising and treating, but also showing them that you are the leader of the pack. Remember, dogs are pack animals, and if you do not establish yourself as the leader, they will either attempt to establish that role for themselves, or the order may simply fall into chaos.

The most important part of training your dog is to not give into your own personal desires. Yes, your dog is cute, but that does not mean you should simply ignore any or all of their misbehavior. Reward them for being good, but don’t discipline them hard for being bad as they will not fully understand. Something important to remember is that dogs love attention, making it prudent to deny them attention when they are bad. They will fight to regain your attention and be willing to learn every single time. It’s up to you to train your dog, but if you need help, don’t hesitate to call in a professional dog trainer for more ways to train your dog.


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How To Win A Business Contract

People who are not self-employed often do not understand the day to day tasks that are involved with running a business. One of the most important tasks is advertising the business in order to get more new clients.

BusinessFor many businesses, this means securing a short or long-term contract. For example, a company that makes burger patties may want to get big names like McDonalds or Burger King to buy their patties. In order to do this, they must woo the client.

There are several tips businesses can use to win contracts. Some of these tips are discussed below.

- Contact the business and ask for the details of the person who is responsible for buying products or advertising. There is no point in talking to anybody else as other people are not authorized to approve business agreements.

- Discuss basics over the phone or email and arrange a time to meet. This meeting will essentially be a “presentation”. The seller will tell the buyer what they and their product can do for them.

- Be professional. Do not arrive at the meeting late. In fact, it is better to show up early if the seller has to set up the area. It is also important to dress the part.

- Emphasize how the business will save and/or make money if they sign the business contract. Other benefits such as product quality and better brand awareness should also be raised.

- Be friendly but not over-friendly. The buyer should be able to trust the seller and take them seriously at the same time.

If the above tips are taken, the seller will increase their chances of sealing the deal. However, if the buyer is not receptive or declines the offer, the seller should not take it too personally. Another company may be a better fit.

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Taking Womens Outdoor Fitness Classes Is a Great Way to Stay Motivated

boot campWhen you’re trying to get into shape, maintaining motivation is a big challenge. Many women start off enthused about their new workout plan, but start to get discouraged after your first tiring workout. You need to find something that will help you stick to your workout, and stay motivated even when it gets tough.

Some women are also uncomfortable working out around men. They may feel as though their bodies are being judged, or worry about being harassed. Even though most men would never bother them, they still prefer the security of working out with women only.

That’s why many find women’s fitness classes to be extremely motivating. When there’s an instructor there to encourage them and other people working out alongside them, it’s far easier to stay focused. But other people find fitness classes to be a little stifling.

Thankfully, there’s another option: women’s outdoor fitness classes. These classes allow you to get a fantastic workout while in the great outdoors. It’s easy to stay motivated when you can enjoy beautiful weather and soak up some sunshine. For many, this is the perfect way to exercise.

There are a wide variety of outdoor fitness classes available. For example, all kinds of traditional exercise classes, such as yoga and pilates, are often taught out doors. Yoga mats make it easy to get some yoga done in the park. The fresh air also makes it much easier for focus on good breathing.

There are also women’s fitness classes that are built around the outdoors. For example, there are biking classes, or classes that involve water sports. There are all kinds of options available, and someone should be able to find a class for them regardless of their tastes and interests.

If you want to make sure you stay motivated, sign up for a women’s outdoor fitness in Reading class. More and more gyms are offering these types of classes, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of them.